How not to prepare for a 24hr race

5 May

Well the British and European 24hr Solo champs are upon us this weekend, I’ve been very excited all week but not enough to do any actual packing it would seem (Rule No.1: Start Preparing in Good Time).

Mostly I’ve still been working long hours, getting home tired about 8pm (Rule No. 2: Get plenty of good sleep in the week leading up to your race), sacking off bike building until tomorrow (Rule No.3: Don’t turn up to the race with a bag full of bits) and getting up at 5:30am to do it all again.  I did manage to get out on the bike on Wednesday to work and back just to keep moving and felt quite loose which was nice.

I’ve sort of got a bike ready. It just needs spanky wheels (Picking up from On-One in the morning) a suspension fork (currently in Cardiff) chainrings (Newport) stem and seatpost (Somewhere in Sussex I think) and then I have maybe 3 possibilities for spare bike in various stages of build from not mine but almost complete to ideal but currently split down into its constituent atoms and quite probably missing some vital ingredients. Despite this I’m actually quite calm – infact I’m finding it quite amusing and its distracting me from the impending ass-kicking and hours of misery in storms that are forecast.

I’m going to pack everything bike related I own into the van in the morning and set off, hit the supermarket on the way too and might be at Newcastleton by mid afternoon. then it’ll be out with the tools.

Someone called me the last minute man last week.  They don’t know how right they were!

This is an odd contrast to Strathpuffer where I was super prepared but also very highly strung but then there things didn’t go to plan the night before despite my efforts to try and control everything.  It was only when I calmed down and started going with the flow that things started to go right so this time I’m just going to keep my head and I’m sure everything will come together.

Updates might be made via twitter (@Spanky_Mike) over the weekend,  apathy and phone signal permitting, along with more golden rules of 24hr racing as and when I break them.


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