Two week torrent

19 Apr

Well life is cracking on at quite a pace at the moment, it feels like I’m rapidly freefalling towards two of the biggest events of the year.

First the UK and European 24hr champs which I am becoming increasingly more excited, yet also less confident about every day. But they’ll happen and I’ll be there and give it my best shot, hopefully I get a number 8 board this year after last years effort and I also hope I can improve on it.  Whatever happens it will be another awesome event.  Last year’s was the best mtb race I’ve ever been to.  The atmosphere was exciting and you could really feel like you were part of somthing special, just being there.  This time round there’ll be more people and more excitement for sure.  I can’t wait.

Secondly and pretty much taking center stage in my life at the moment is thoughts and preparations for June’s big exciting and daunting trip – the Tour Divide.  For those that don’t know the Tour Divide, have a scratch around Google and You Tube – its a big ‘un and there’s plenty written about it.  I have my flights booked, my lovely carbon 29er is here thanks to On-One, my Satellite tracker is here.  I’ve got nearly everything I need and I’m going for a 5 day trip this easter to test my gear, get used to bivvying out and covering lots of miles off-road.  The plan (such as there is one): I am going to ride from here (Derby) up the Pennine Bridalway and over to Ilkley and bivvy on Ilkley Moor.  Then if I can make it I will head back into Manchester and catch up with my friend Sas, who is emigrating soon, for lunch before heading back to Ilkley to my mate Mark’s.  Sunday we’ll head to Catterick for the Nut Cracker XC race and then I’ll ride back to Derby with a bivvy stop on the way.  That’s the plan anyway but you can bet your life it won’t happen like that.  It should make an interesting tale though if I ever get to tell it.

Speaking of which the last couple of weekends there’s been plenty happening but I haven’t found the time to get enough sleep, let alone write about it, so here’s a bit of a torrent of recent happenings and maybe you can fill in the gaps yourself.

Built Whippet

Raced in Wales

Wrist fixed – all good

Mid week TTs started – 5sec off a PB on first night

Raleigh Pro showed up to show us how its done.

Carbon 29er frame and forks arrived.

Builth Wells Marathon, wasn’t expecting so much of a race – don’t know why?

Started too fast

Took out Luke by accident


Went the wrong way

Went slow for a bit

Went fast for a bit

Went slow for a bit more

Went dizzy in the heat

Sat down for a bit

Finished in just under 4hrs

Midweek TT – 55sec slower – Oh dear!

Visited the Planet X / On One Showroom. Very Nice.

Built the Carbon 29er (Pics as soon as my Paps mail me) Thanks to Guy for the bits.

Went for a ride ont’Moor

Skills accreditation session at Manchester Velodrome

Raced at Dalby

Ace course!

I dug part of that course many moons ago but never raced there.

Went for a practice

29er was ace down Worry Gill

Lost track of time

Made the start with seconds to spare

Had to start at the back, tight lines, hard to pass.

Chainring fell off

10 min later got going again (cheers Eoin!)

Rejoined as Elites were coming through.

Looked fast for a bit

Got distracted

Got bored

Did 3 laps and called it a day

Enjoyed the sun

Hung out with friends

Enjoyed the drive home

TT tonight

Set a PB

Course record fell

Those two events are not connected!

Wasn’t feeling strong.

I can go faster!

Time to sleep again.


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