A Blog Resurrection

23 Mar

A year ago I started this blog, the original intention being to log my first years experience as a newcomer, let’s say, to the serious end of endurance racing. After a few months and for a few reasons I let it slide; I have a bad habit into going into a lot of detail in race reports and posts, not always a bad thing but it does take a lot of time and effort to sit down and write.

Just as the racing got interesting, so time got short and the first monster race report didn’t get finished, the next few races came thick and fast and once I was a few reports behind there didn’t seem to be much point any more.

Looking back at my first post on here though I realise just how far I have come. I never imagined at that time I’d be sitting here 12 months later having won a 24hr Solo race. I’ve learnt so much about racing and myself that it’s a shame not to have captured it as it happened.

All is not lost though; I’ve decided to crank it back up again and fortunately I still remember most of the important bits and intend to go back and fill in the gaps in parallel with tales of new adventures, albeit shorter and more frequently this time around.

There are plans afoot for a proper website and lots of other exciting things so the look and maybe the name of this might change a bit but plans have changed so many times over the winter, and continue to even now, that I just want to get an outlet for my ramblings again without any more waiting.

So here it is – back again, lighter, more streamlined but hopefully more robust and ready for action.

Just like me.


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