What’s in the Blog?

28 Mar

So as to help anyone who has stumbled across my particular ramblings, I shall use this first post to explain what the whole point of this blog is…

I am an amateur bicycle rider and racer who is in some sort of transition, if you like, from being a ‘pretty good’ leisure rider who does a bit of racing to being something a little more than that.  How much more I don’t really know yet, but I intend to find out and its kind of the intention of this diary to document that.

I’ve never taken myself seriously enough to talk about ‘training’ before and I expect there are many others in a similar situation who are passionate about a sport as a hobby and would like to improve but feel there is a ceiling to their abilities beyond which a whole new level of dedication is required.  I guess I’m writting then for anyone else who feels that they are on the cusp between the ‘weekend warrior’ and something a little bit more ambitious.

It is intended to be a frank account of how it feels to try and raise your game into a competitive sport; in this case mountain biking and in particular endurance cross country events.  It will hopefully have lots of routes content with GPS logs and training data along with nutritional information.  As a Design Engineer and occasional Product Tester I will no doubt have a few opinions on the bits and bobs I’m using too so there’ll be plenty of kit commentary.  For me, I’m somewhere along a learning curve of developing a training plan, getting nutrition right etc so I may re-cap what I know for the benefit of others,  likewise I appreciate the comments of others who may know more or know different.


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